construction services

If you’ve ever been part of a construction project that left you with little time for the other things on your to-do list, chances are your project was NOT built with an integrated delivery method. Tackling your project with an integrated approach brings together engineers, architects, and contractors early on in the process so that design and constructability issues are addressed from the start.

When you’re embarking on a large project, you want a design consultant on your side to make sure the job is completed as planned. Thompson Engineering can assist in the construction of your project with different levels of involvement.

State Departments of Transportation and city and county governments work hard to keep up with the demands of bringing new transportation projects to life and maintaining the safety of current infrastructure. There’s always more to do than people to do it. Thompson Engineering’s construction engineering and inspection (CEI) team fills the gaps so your projects proceed smoothly, on time, and on budget.

Thompson Engineering maintains the highest standards in construction inspection and materials testing in our industry and applies them at several laboratories and project sites located throughout the Southeast. Our resources and real-time reporting allow us to respond quickly to any size and type of project, from the on-call services required for routine commercial construction to the complex, large scale, full-time projects lasting months/years.

The transition of a project from design to construction is a critical time. Your team is making hundreds of decisions, and the consequences of even the smallest decisions can be huge. Before you bring in the bulldozer, bring in a construction surveying team to establish the project controls that will create the right ripple effect for your project.