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We use a phrase to help explain our engineering expertise: “Profound from the ground down.” It captures the geotechnical roots of our business, as well as what we’ve learned as we’ve grown during the past 66+ years. From civil, structural, geotechnical, and environmental engineering to marine and coastal applications, our multi-disciplined firm provides a solid foundation for your next project.


Today’s regulatory environment means careful attention to environmental requirements is a must. Our environmental team performs a wide range of services and has the experience to keep your project moving smoothly. Our services include multiple facets of environmental work, from assessments and investigations to permitting and NEPA regulations.


Our drilling and testing services go beyond the collection of field data. We apply our engineering history and knowledge to ensure we provide design-ready data for your project. Dig deeper to learn more about our drilling, laboratory testing, construction inspection and materials testing (CMT), and subsurface utility engineering services.


You have options in how you choose to include an engineering partner in the construction of your project. Through a range of construction services, Thompson offers significant input in design, construction management, and construction quality assurance to ensure a standard of quality for the owner, architect, engineer, and contractor. Read about our construction services to determine the type of building partner you need.


You want more out of a building than four walls and a roof, and more from a landscape than plants and flowers. You want a building and environment that is resilient, sustainable, highly functioning, and aesthetically pleasing. Our architecture, planning, landscape architecture, interior design, and building envelope services help achieve your project’s vision and goals through an integrated design approach so that your project is environmentally responsible, community supported, and economically viable.