Environmental Engineering

environmental engineering

Many rules and regulations aim to protect our environment – water, air, and land – and the health of the general public. The economic impact to your facility and your customers’ satisfaction depends on an understanding of where these rules come from and how to interpret them.


No doubt, this effort is complicated when your infrastructure is past its prime. Or it can be overwhelming when you are constructing a new facility. Our job is to find the most responsive and cost-effective environmental engineering solutions to help you adhere to these guidelines so that your operations continue without disruption.


Have you audited your project to find a problem that needs an environmental engineering solution? We can help you get back on track, meet the requirements of your state, and avoid fines or other punishments for environmental violations.


Our professional engineers, geologists, and scientists routinely find solutions for municipal, utility, and industrial clients. From large port businesses with dredged materials to small gas stations with underground storage tanks, we can help you plan and avoid problems, as well as find solutions after problems occur. Our mutually respectful relationships with regulatory agencies mean we can help you get it right for your business and the environment.

Service Specialties

  • Dredging / Dredged Material Evaluation
  • Landfills / Impoundments
  • Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Spill Prevention & Counter Control (SPCC) Plans
  • Storage Tank Management
  • Water / Waste Water Treatment

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