Our employees work in a variety of environments, from the field to the office. We believe that the health and safety of our employees are best protected when our activities are properly planned, so we work in advance to determine the different types of training our employees need. Additionally, every employee is invited to participate in our health incentive program, which offers on-site and online training for education on subjects to make us healthier at work and home.

Our employees do interesting work, from underwater diving to roadside construction and high-rise rappelling for inspections. It’s critical that we train our employees to recognize unsafe situations because we believe that every employee deserves a safe place to work.

~ Safety Director, Mike Shumaker



Thompson employees are trained to put the safety of anyone on a jobsite above all else – even a project timeline. Our behavioral-based program enables employees to conduct risk assessments to identify and control or eliminate hazards. Most importantly, our employees are authorized and required to stop work when safety is compromised. Because our employees often require on-the-spot training, we partner with safety experts to provide web-based and site-specific training for employees as it is needed.


Just as we believe that workplace injuries are preventable, we believe environmental incidents are, too. We train employees on pollution prevention and conservation to protect the environment and to minimize the impact of our actions.

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