engineering services


Infrastructure upgrades and maintenance costs are major challenges for all levels of government, business, and industry. Partnering with a civil engineering firm that can find cost-effective, long-term solutions to help you improve efficiencies and find ways to maximize cost/benefit ratios is key to your success.


A new build, facility expansion, disaster-related repairs, and aging infrastructure are just some of the reasons you could be in need of a structural engineer. Our structural team’s experience means we can offer multiple options for meeting the goals of your project. Also, we have the advantage of working directly with our in-house geotechnical engineers to provide cost-effective solutions for structural foundations.

Geotechnical engineering is the foundation of our business, dating back to our roots as a soils testing laboratory founded in 1953. Today, we provide a full complement of geotechnical engineering, drilling, and laboratory testing capabilities including studies, investigations, drilling, and modeling with significant capability in design.

The ability to move large volumes of raw materials and finished products from the point of manufacture to world markets is dependent on properly designed terminals and the supporting infrastructure. From dredged material management solutions to terminal warehousing and pile-supported or earthen retaining structures, Thompson Engineering delivers functional and cost-effective marine engineering solutions.

Thompson Engineering’s transportation group provides roadway and bridge designs for a range of clients across the Southeast. We look for efficiencies first as we approach transportation projects, allowing owners to get more for their money. We do this with a multidisciplinary approach that draws on the talents of our in-house resources.

Our natural resources are limited. With threats like storm activity, development, and changing environmental conditions, protecting our coastal ecosystems is critically important. Whether you’re coastal restoration project includes new construction or the restoration of existing structures or ecosystems, our resilient design solutions can help protect these environments.

When a survey is the next step for your project, you need a professional land surveyor who understands the land and water on your site, as well as construction timelines. We ask the right questions to determine if traditional solutions or state-of-the-art technology, such as drones and unmanned survey vessels, are the best approach. Our process delivers the survey information you need to move your project to the next phase of construction.