environmental services

Meeting environmental compliance rules and regulations can be daunting. Permit wording is confusing, record keeping can be time-consuming, and maintaining your facility requires regular attention. These issues don’t need to derail your project or interfere with your business. Thompson Engineering employs environmental compliance experts including engineers, scientists, geologists, and other professionals.

Taking ownership of a new piece of property or building can require a due diligence assessment to protect the buyer’s interest and to avoid surprises and additional costs. Thompson Engineering can help, regardless of where you are in the process. Are you negotiating a real estate transaction? Demolishing a building or obtaining a permit? We have experience with all of these situations and can guide you through environmental assessments and investigations to keep your project moving smoothly.

Many rules and regulations aim to protect our environment –water, air, and land –and the health of the general public. Our professional engineers, geologists, and scientists routinely find solutions for municipal, utility, and industrial clients. Our mutually respectful relationships with regulatory agencies mean we can help you get it right for your business and the environment.

Our natural resources are limited. With threats like storm activity, development, and changing environmental conditions, protecting our coastal ecosystems is critically important. Whether you’re coastal restoration project includes new construction or the restoration of existing structures or ecosystems, resilient design solutions can help protect these environments.

Thompson Engineering’s stormwater training program gives your team members the knowledge and confidence they need to apply best practices for stormwater pollution prevention on construction projects. We provide education on the latest regulations and requirements along with practical instruction in best management practice (BMP) inspection and maintenance.