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Geotechnical drilling is one of our service specialties. We’ve been continuously improving our skills and processes since our company was founded in 1953. Because of our experience, we provide practical and cost-effective protocols on every geotechnical drilling project in any environment.

Thompson Engineering operates a comprehensive system of Geotechnical Laboratories proficient in ASTM and AASHTO testing protocols for characterizing the mechanical and physical properties of soil, rock, and all aggregate rock materials.

Thompson Engineering maintains the highest standards in construction inspection and materials testing in our industry and applies them at several laboratories and project sites located throughout the Southeast. Our resources and real-time reporting allow us to respond quickly to any size and type of project, from the on-call services required for routine commercial construction to complex, large-scale, full-time projects.

Subsurface utility engineering involves the mapping of underground features for the purpose of identifying utilities, voids, and other threats hiding underground at your project site. When you know where they are before construction begins, time and money are saved. Investing in this process means fewer unnecessary utility relocations and less time waiting on utility work to be completed.