Marine Engineering

marine engineering

The ability to move large volumes of raw materials and finished products from the point of manufacture to world markets is dependent on properly designed terminals and the supporting infrastructure. Ships are getting bigger, harbors and channels are getting deeper, and the structures required to support terminal operations are more complex. To remain competitive in this global environment, coastal and riverine ports and harbors rely on firms that can provide innovative marine engineering solutions to make sure their facilities and infrastructure work efficiently.


Thompson Engineering has 65+ years of marine engineering experience. Our history began by providing construction quality assurance services to the maritime community. Over the decades, our services and capabilities expanded and we now offer a highly-capable and innovative port & harbor design practice. Regardless of the specific operational requirements of your project, the Thompson Engineering team can evaluate alternatives and provide you with the highest value solution to meet your requirements.


Our port and harbor designs are efficient, cost-effective, and produced to withstand high-impact loads from berthing, materials staging, and shoreside and marine equipment operations. Our in-house team offers a full range of services to include regulatory permitting, site environmental assessments, surveying, geotechnical investigations, and facility design through construction inspection and management. From dredged material management solutions to terminal warehousing and transit shed facilities, pile-supported or earthen retaining structures, Thompson Engineering delivers functional and cost-effective marine engineering solutions.

Service Specialties

  • Intermodal Facilities / Rail Design / Pavements
  • Loading / Unloading Systems
  • Marine Structures: Piers, Quays, Docks, Bulkheads, Coffercells, Relieving Platforms, Bridges
  • Mooring / Breasting, Fendering Systems
  • Permitting
  • Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA)
  • Regulatory Permitting (Section 10 & 404)
  • Ship / Barge Dock Systems
  • Shore Protection / Armoring Systems
  • Storm Surge Analysis (Coastal)
  • Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Surveying
  • Topographic, Hydrographic, Boundary Surveying
  • Warehouse / Transit Shed Design
Thompson was chosen at the very beginning of Austal coming to Mobile to design our first Final Assembly Bay. From that time over 17 years ago, Thompson has been selected competitively to build much, much more. We rely on their technical expertise in almost all things of a soils, environmental and waterfront nature.

– Bill Pfister, vice president emeritus at AUSTAL USA, Alabama Construction News Magazine

– Bill Pfister, vice president

emeritus at AUSTAL USA,

Alabama Construction

News Magazine

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