Thompson Engineering Aids in Florida,Texas Disaster Response

Thompson Engineering Aids in Florida,Texas Disaster Response

POSTED ON 10/06/17

Thompson Engineering, Watermark Design Group and Thompson Consulting Services (TCS) have mobilized more than 1,000 people in response to Hurricane Irma in Florida and Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The three companies are owned by parent company Thompson Holdings, and partner to provide services to clients in disaster response situations.

“Our job is to help our clients as soon as possible after a disaster, so teams were on the ground meeting with clients and making plans before Hurricane Irma made landfall,” said John Baker, President and CEO of Thompson Engineering. “As soon as it was safe, we moved to the hardest hit areas in Florida and started recovery operations.” Thompson response teams are managing 38 projects throughout Florida and South Georgia, and four projects in Texas.

In total, 51 Thompson Engineering, Watermark and TCS employees have worked to hire an additional 30 contract employees for project management and field supervision and place more than 900 local debris monitors. This effort includes recruiting, training and oversight in the field, as well as solving logistical challenges like equipment rental, workforce lodging, and communication solutions.

Hurricane Irma recovery work is expected to continue for the next three months in Florida, while work in Texas is expected to last through 2018.