Latin America Inspection Services

Thompson Engineering has provided comprehensive Construction Management Services (CMS) in Latin America for the Mobile District, Latin America Area Office since 2003under numerous task orders. In this role we provided Project Engineers, Quality Assurance Representatives, and Construction Administrative functions. This work has been performed by Thompson employees, subcontractors, and contract employees who travel between the United States and each of the USACE Resident/Project offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, and Peru.


The scope of work varied and included office engineering, quality assurance inspections, design reviews, project management, and contract administration. Personnel excelled in RMS and CEFMS data management and provided a strong working knowledge of the construction standards and practices in Latin America. Our personnel worked closely with in-country personnel, traveling routinely to military installations and remote operating locations to provide quality assurance inspection and construction administration for military construction, support for other agencies, and humanitarian aid projects throughout Latin America.

Representative projects include:


  • Construction Management Services, Central America – Staff augmentation for the Corps Resident Offices in El Salvador and Honduras since 2003;
  • Manta Airfield, Ecuador – Civil Engineering support for the construction of the airfield;
  • Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras – Civil, Electrical and Mechanical QA for vertical and horizontal construction, including dormitories, dining facilities, runways, hangars, and command centers;
  • USAID Earthquake Reconstruction Program, El Salvador – Provided 11 QA Inspectors for a period of nine months (civil engineers, electrical engineers, and architects) performing quality assurance inspections of buildings, sanitary sewers, water supply, roads and bridges, flood protection systems, utilities and other infrastructure projects; and
  • US Naval Research Laboratory, Lima, Peru – Performed constructability reviews, QA Inspection, and design reviews for the mechanical / electrical system upgrades. Routinely provided on-site personnel to provide design review and construction inspection services, and had a mechanical engineer assigned full-time to oversee upgrades associated with the rebuilding of all HVAC mechanical systems, a new building automation system, new lighting, new suspended ceilings, and a new fire suppression system for two separate buildings.


Thompson provided architects, engineers (civil, electrical, mechanical, structural), surveyors, and construction representatives on 20 task orders since 2003. We received above average and excellent ACASS ratings for these task orders due to our responsiveness and ability to effectively hire local staff, coupled with experienced personnel with Corps of Engineers experience.







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