Thompson Engineering is approved by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) as a Certified Training Provider for the Qualified Credentialed Inspector (QCI) Training Program. This program provides students with instruction in storm water pollution prevention regulations, strategies, and techniques for construction sites. We offer initial and refresher training classes to the general public on a regular basis, as well as private group sessions to clients upon request. Experienced and knowledgeable instructors deliver our training sessions at locations throughout Alabama, including Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Auburn, and Athens. Thompson Engineering also offers a convenient, cost-effective online refresher course for all QCI students.


The initial training class includes a pre-test, PowerPoint slides, videos, class exercise, product demonstrations, and a written final examination. The participants receive a workbook that includes copies of the presentation materials, a study guide, and other helpful references. We also provide each participant with a certificate of completion and a wallet-size card containing his/her assigned QCI number.


The refresher classroom training meets the annual continuing education requirement for those students who received their QCIP Initial Training from Thompson Engineering. We provide updated information on storm water regulations, BMP inspection and maintenance, new-and-improved BMPs, and helpful hints about construction site inspection and sampling. We emphasize the development of problem-solving skills through discussion and interaction with the instructor and other class members. There is a pre-test, but no final examination. We provide an updated certificate and wallet card to each student after each class.


The online refresher course provides a more cost-effective and convenient option for completing the yearly continuing education requirements of the QCI program. Students are able to complete the course modules at their own pace. Proficiency is documented through the successful completion of brief quizzes at the end of the modules. The online refresher is accessible through an emailed link that is provided after payment is received. Updated credentials are mailed to each student.


For a schedule of courses and online registration & payment, please visit our stormwater training website or call us at 251.666.2443.





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