SR 63 Widening

The purpose of this project is to widen SR 63 from the Campbell County Line to Hall Lane to improve the corridorā€™s safety and operational characteristics. The project is 5.3 miles in length and includes widening to a 5-lane roadway. The project is listed as Section III in the SR 63 Environmental Assessment which includes improvements from the five-lane section in LaFollette to US 25/SR 32 in Shawanee.


SR 63 is a roadway that provides a connection from I-75 in Caryville northeasterly to US 25/SR 32 in Shawanee. SR 63 within the project limits is currently a two-lane roadway with 12-foot lanes and 11-foot paved shoulders. The route serves as a rural principal arterial on 250 feet of right-of-way.


SR 63 was constructed in 1971 as a part of the Appalachian Highway System and has a posted speed limit of 55 mph. The terrain is generally rolling and there are several drainage structures crossing the roadway and utilities are located along the southern side of the roadway.


The proposed improvements will generally follow the existing alignment while reconstructing the route from a two-lane to a five-lane divided highway. The existing pavement is in good condition and will be retained. It will be overlayed and the superelevation will be corrected as required. Retaining walls are being considered to reduce right-of-way impacts in two locations. The project also includes plans for a stream mitigation site for Cawood Branch, a perennial stream running adjacent to a section of SR 63.







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